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FAC "Guardian" back-rail cantilever system

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The FAC "Guardian" series back-rail cantilever system has been designed to dramatically reduce the cost of servicing cantilever gates.  Traditional cantilever systems, utilising support rollers inside a purpose-built track, require lifting equipment and a number of workers to remove the gate to gain access to the support rollers for repair.  The Guardian system can be serviced by one technician, equipped with a jack, in a fraction of the time.  Rather than specially rolled track, the Guardian system utilises commercially available box section (150x100) for the support rail.

The Guardian system is suitable for gates up to 12m opening and 1,500kg.

Series 100 (Code: KD2100.100): max. gate opening 6m; max. gate weight 500kg
Series 150 (Code: KD2100.150): max. gate opening 12m; max. gate weight 1,500kg

For component list and dimensioning table click here.

To see a video of the Guardian back-rail cantilever system in action click here.

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