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Introducing Flexi-Clamp - the ultimate, all-purpose clamping solution.

Flexi-Clamp™ is a strong, polymer-based clamp that is suited to a wide range of applications including marine, automotive, industrial machinery and general-purpose use.
Flexi-Clamp™ is:
  • strong & durable
  • guaranteed rust-free
  • re-usable
  • easy to install  
  • non-conductive  
  • even pressure



Features and benefits

Strong and durable

Flexi-Clamp is precision-moulded from new-improved 66-Nylon which is designed to retard embrittlement at high service temperatures.

Flexi-Clamp is tested to withstand: extreme temperatures (-40° to 150°C); high pressures (up to 100psi); and forces equivalent to 180kg.

Flexi-Clamp is heat and UV stabilised.

Nonetheless, Flexi-Clamp is also lightweight (half the weight of steel in larger diameters).

Fully adjustable

Flexi-Clamp is fully adjustable – meaning one-size-fits-all within the diameter range of each of the two models of Flexi-Clamp.  That spells the end of carrying stocks of many different sized hose clamps.

Guaranteed rust-free

Given its polymer construction, Flexi-Clamp is completely rust-free.

Flexi-Clamp is also resistant to corrosion and tarnishing and will last many years in sun, sea and salt conditions.


Flexi-Clamp features a removable screw which allows the product to be used over and over again – no more cutting and disposing of cable ties.

Easy to install

Flexi-Clamp is an easy-to-use product with no need to remove hose from fitting attachment saving users time and money.

Flexi-Clamp’s removable screw allows for ease of adjustment of band around pipe or fitting.

In addition, it is impossible to over-tighten Flexi-Clamp: when the double-headed screw reaches the required torque the first head simply snaps off.


Flexi-Clamp’s polymer construction means that it will not conduct electricity or produce a spark making it extremely useful were flammable liquids or gases are present (eg. fuel lines, boat engine bays and bilge areas, mining operations).

Flexi-Clamp carries a 130¢ª UL rating for electrical use.

Even pressure

The innovative design of Flexi-Clamp’s screw housing means that even pressure is applied around the entire circumference of the hose creating a better seal which means less likelihood of leaks from or damage to soft hoses.


Host of applications

Flexi-Clamp™ has a multitude of potential applications:

• marine
• automotive
• plumbing & drainage
• heating, ventilation & air-conditioning
• irrigation
• horticulture
• agriculture
• mining
• recreation
• general-purpose use


Two sizes

Flexi-Clamp™ is available in two sizes:
• 300mm (to suit diameters of 16-90mm); and
• 450mm (to suit diameters of 46-125mm).

Flexi-Clamps can even be linked to form larger diameters.

Packs of Flex-Clamps include a FREE hex-head screwdriver.

Single or double-hole saddles are available for holding pipes, cable or hose along walls and posts.


Web video

For more information and a 4 minute video presentation on the benefits of Flexi-Clamp, visit

Flexi-Clamp: 300mm

Flexi-Clamp: 300mm

BTI Code : FXC300

300mm Flexi-Clamp (suits 16-90mm diameter)

Pack quantity
Flexi-Clamp: 450mm

Flexi-Clamp: 450mm

BTI Code : FXC450

450mm Flexi-Clamp (suits 46-125mm diameter)

Pack quantity
Mounting saddle: single hole

Mounting saddle: single hole


Single-hole mounting saddle for Flexi-Clamp (50-pack)

Mounting saddle: two holes

Mounting saddle: two holes


Double-hole mounting saddle for Flexi-Clamp (50-pack)



BTI Code : FXHEX/50

Hex-tool for Flexi-Clamp (50-pack)

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