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Say Goodbye to Padlocks

The stylish HaspLock is designed to replace a conventional hasp and staple padlock arrangement and to provide far greater security than traditional locking devices.

Made from 316 marine-grade stainless steel, the D&D HaspLock is especially ideal for use in marine or other corrosion-prone environments. It is highly resistant to hacksawing, prying and oxyacetylene cutting, making it a smart security choice.

HaspLock is ideal as add-on security for existing locks on storefronts, factory compounds, garages, cabinets, boats, sheds and toolboxes.

It uses standard 6-pin, key-in-knob style lock cylinders that can be keyed alike, master-keyed or replaced with high security cylinders depending on your security needs.

The locking mechanism is a "deadlock" design, which protects the lock from being tampered with or pried open, and also assures the system cannot be locked without the key-holder's authority.

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