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Magna-Latch Vertical-Pull (Series 3)


Magna-Latch Vertical-Pull (Series 3)

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Safety and security for children and pets

The Vertical Pull model, also known as the Pet Latch, uses the same revolutionary technology as the Top Pull model in a smaller, more compact body.  It is suitable for mounting on taller pool gates where it will still be out of reach of children, as well as on garden or household gates to provide a safety barrier for pets.

Like the Top Pull model, the Pet Latch offers easy adjustment, is key-lockable for added security and won't disengage from shaking or pulling.

Always confirm local fence/barrier regulations before installation.

A flyer on the MagnaLatch range can be downloaded here.


  • Patented magnetic self-latching
  • Meets international barrier/safety codes
  • Quality molded polymers & stainless steel
  • At-a-glance 'locked' indicator
  • Horizontally & vertically adjustable
  • Key lockable, with re-keyable lock barrel
  • Screws hidden while locked
  • Won’t disengage from shaking & pulling
  • Tested to 400,000 cycles


  • No mechanical jamming during closure
  • Unprecedented reliability & safety
  • No rusting, binding or staining
  • Easy installation
  • Added safety and peace-of-mind
  • Resists tampering
  • Can’t be forced open
  • Proven to last the test of time

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