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BTI carries a range of D-clamps in:
  • two styles (square or D-style);
  • two mountings (square or round post) and
  • two finishes (satin or mirror)

All the clamps are manufactured from 316L grade stainless steel (the low carbon version of 316 S/S) which significantly reduces the potential for ‘tea staining’.

The clamps suit 8mm, 10mm and 12mm glass and incorporate an additional tensioning screw assists in forcing the top of the jaw against the glass for a tighter, more secure clamp-to-glass fit - no more glass slump!

The base of the clamp is solid, increasing the surface contact area and reducing the potential for the clamp to dig into soft surfaces.  The clamp also features a removeable support pin.  Use the pin when a locating hole in the glass is specified; remove it for 'no-holes' application.

D-clamp - square style

D-clamp - square style

BTI Code : TDCS200

Stainless steel D-clamp - square style

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D-clamp - D-style

D-clamp - D-style

BTI Code : TDCR200

Stainless steel D-clamp - D-style

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